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The Lovett School Tulane University Tufts University

et us change your expectation of a dental visit.

“I’ve been exposed to a variety of dental offices with attributes of varying degree. I distilled the best elements they had to offer and added my own style and expectations to create a unique dental experience.”
— Brock Tekin D.M.D

About Dr. Brock Tekin

Dr. Brock F. Tekin is a native of Atlanta. He graduated from the Lovett School in 1987 and maintains close ties with many of his classmates. He obtained a Bachelor of Science from Tulane University in 1991.

Dr, Tekin received his dental degree from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 1995. He is a member of:

Dr. Tekin enjoys spending time with his children Jack,
Hudson, Lily, Chase.

He is a fan of the TV shows “Game of Thrones” & “House of Cards”. Dr. Tekin’s musical tastes range from opera to reggae, but you will hear mostly rock music in the office. “The music is hand-picked, and plays from my iPod”, says Dr. Tekin.

He is passionate about photography, loves to cook, and is a connoisseur
of good wines and beers. Dr. Tekin could live off cheese alone.

“My positive experience with Dr. Tekin has helped me overcome what I believe had become an intimidation and I am finally back on track with my care”Click here to read more.

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