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When Crowns are a Good Option Buckhead

r. Tekin recommends a dental crown for patients who have weakened teeth due to chips, breaks, cavities, and other tooth problems. Crowns may be your perfect solution to improve and strengthen teeth, as well as create a better smile. Our advanced crowns are much more natural-looking than the metal crowns of old, and the porcelain ceramic material we use allows you to improve tooth function.

Crown replacements are also a good idea for patients with older, outdated crowns that no longer look natural. Many patients come to us for crown replacements because of the gray or black shadows that have appeared around the gumline surrounding their crown. The advanced All-Ceramic Crowns from Art of the Smile are the perfect marriage of “form & function”

In just 2 visits, Dr. Tekin can restore a weakened tooth with an artistic All-Ceramic crown. Our skilled Atlanta cosmetic dentistry team can create an attractive and long-lasting crown that will provide years of use. Choose the smile makeover experts at Art of the Smile and see what a difference the right dentist can make!

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