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Tooth Colored Fillings FAQ Buckhead

hy should I get tooth-colored instead of metal fillings?

Beside the fact that they look so much better, tooth-colored fillings are better for your teeth and possibly your overall health. Silver amalgam fillings contain mercury, which expands and contracts, and can damage your teeth. Metal fillings can also make them sensitive to hot and cold foods and beverages. Tooth-colored filings actually strengthen your teeth!

Learn more about Why Dr. Tekin does not do metal amalgam fillings.

Will the procedure be painful?

Tooth colored fillings are minimally invasive. We will fully numb the area before we begin to remove the decay and prepare your tooth.

Metal-Free Tooth Fillings
How White Fillings are done
Why Dr. Tekin does not do metal amalgam fillings

Discover what a difference metal-free fillings from Art of the Smile can make. Please contact tooth colored fillings cosmetic dentist Dr. Tekin today for your personalized tooth colored fillings consultation.

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