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How White Fillings Are Done Buckhead

o eliminate decay from your natural teeth, Dr. Tekin offers his patients a natural-looking white filling option.

Compared to old-fashioned silver fillings, white fillings (composites) are more technique sensitive to place and are done as such:

After anesthesia, Our Isolite device is placed. Dr. Tekin removes the area of the tooth affected by decay, leaving a hole to be filled. Next, your tooth is prepared and “etched” with a special gel. The composite is placed and then targeted with an intense light to harden or “cure” it. Your bite is verified, Finally, it is finished and polished. That’s it !

NOTE: the following photos are Dr. Tekin’s actual work with no digital enhancements.

Atlanta white filling treatment
Virgin tooth with decay present.
Atlanta white filling treatment
Preparation begun, decay still present.
Atlanta white filling treatment
Preparation complete. Decay removed.
Atlanta white filling treatment
Composite restoration completed & polished.
Note: tooth is dry.

If you are searching for a cosmetic dentist who places a high value on function and appearance, our advanced cosmetic dentistry team is ready to tell you more about the benefits of white fillings.

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