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Why no Amalgam Fillings Buckhead

t Art of the Smile, we believe in giving patients the very best dental materials to restore your smile for a very long time. Not only do we choose materials that are long lasting and durable, we are proud to offer our Atlanta patients options that look and feel natural and match up well with real enamel.

In keeping with our dedication to offering only top-notch restoration materials, Dr. Tekin believes that metal-free white fillings are the best all-around filling choice. They are completely safe and, unlike metal amalgam, there is no question as to their negative impact on health. While studies are still somewhat inconclusive, the controversy surrounding the mercury in metal fillings is enough to deter us from using it in our practice.

If you currently have metal fillings in your mouth and would like them replaced, we follow strict safety protocol to protect you from any harmful substances during removal.

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