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What is Dental Porcelain Buckhead

hy put anything less than the best, most natural-looking materials in your mouth? At Art of the Smile, we believe in offering only high quality restorations, instead of giving you less expensive options that compromise quality. Feldspathic dental porcelain is Dr. Tekin’s material of choice for veneers and a few other tooth enhancement services.

Dental PorcelainPorcelain and other ceramic materials are not new to dentistry – they have been used for over 200 years to give teeth strength and beauty. These metallic oxide combinations are biocompatible and completely safe. Dental porcelain is a hard, semi-translucent ceramic material used to create life-like crowns, porcelain veneers, and other restorations. Because dental porcelain reflects light just like natural teeth, it is an ideal choice for dental fabrications and is the material of choice for cosmetic veneers at Art of the Smile.

Dr. Tekin has his Master ceramist use only layered feldspathic porcelain (not pressed porcelain), consisting of mostly glass material with an amorphous (non-crystalline) structure. The qualities of porcelain enable us to fully customize your veneers through simulation of the color, translucency and fluorescence of natural teeth.

tooth map

Making a natural looking tooth is more complex than you might think. A ceramist must incorporate and blend several shades and colors of porcelain into a unified tooth. Different nuances can be mapped out to guide the ceramist. The end result is lifelike and beautiful.

When bonded to teeth properly, feldspathic porcelain veneers form a bond that that is extremely strong. They literally become part of each tooth. The result is strength and beauty, what Dr. Tekin refers to as, “Form and function”.

We use all-porcelain veneers and crowns because we feel they are the most attractive and natural looking – overall they give our patients the best results.

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