Tooth Whitening Buckhead

f your pearly whites seem to be gradually becoming “pearly off-whites,” it may be time to take action.

Bottom line: teeth whitening works. It’s a matter of concentration and duration. You will get results!!!

Actual Art of the Smile patient:

Single (front) tooth whitening before/after

We use Zoom bleach in-office or at-home tooth whitening system. Ask us why and how we get the results we do!!!!

Actual Art of the Smile patient:
Tooth Whitening treatment
Whitening completed on upper teeth (lowers yet to be done)

Teeth Whitening


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Note from Dr. Tekin:
Typically patients bleach upper and lower teeth at the same time – so “before/after” photos can be misleading (photos taken weeks apart with different lighting). I like these pictures because there is a direct comparison with a point of reference.The pictures above are our actual patients with no digital photo enhancements other than sizing.

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Discover what a difference tooth whitening from Art of the Smile can make! Call or email our skilled Atlanta dental team today for your free cosmetic dentistry consultation.

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