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Good Dental Hygiene Buckhead

re you earning an “A” in dental home care? While you may be a champion at brushing and flossing regularly, there is much more to maintaining healthy teeth and gums than you might think.

Sugar Smackdown

How is your diet? Did you know that what you eat and drink has a direct effect on your teeth and gums? Sugary foods tend to stick to teeth much easier than other types, and things like gum, soda and hard candy give these sugars the perfect opportunity to pick there ideal camping spot. Enjoy high-sugar food and drink in moderation and remember to brush when you do.


First of all, brushing first thing in the morning and right before bed is simply not enough. Think about the 3 meals, snacks, and beverages that you might consume in between these brushings. If you want to provide the absolute best defense against plaque build-up and decay, you’ll try to brush after ALL meals and snacks and everything in-between! This way, you’re attacking the problem before it even has a chance to begin.

Technique & Duration

Now, once you’ve got the frequency of your brushing and flossing down, take a look at your brushing technique and duration. Two minutes of brushing is the standard, but at Art of the Smile, we’d like to see you find a time and pace that works best for you and allows you to reach all tooth and gum surfaces equally.

Professional Help

No matter how great your dental hygiene habits are, there are other factors that can endanger the health of your teeth and gums. In addition to keeping up with your home routine, schedule a cleaning/check-up twice a year to ensure your smile is in great shape. At Art of the Smile, Dr. Tekin and his cosmetic dentistry team work to encourage preventative care to help you avoid serious negative dental issues and to catch problems right away when they do occur.

Discover what a difference great tooth and gum care from Art of the Smile can make. Contact Dr. Tekin today for your personalized cosmetic dentistry consultation.

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