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General Dentistry Buckhead

rt of the Smile offers state-of-the art general dentistry as the cornerstone of healthy teeth and gums and the key to a beautiful smile. Routine dentistry is different from what you might remember – our general dentistry efforts are proactive, designed to protect your teeth from everyday wear and tear and to address problems before they require invasive or expensive methods of treatment.

We understand that every patient is different – that’s why we provide such a wide variety of treatments for family members of all ages. In our modern office complex, we offer our Atlanta dental patients every type of dentistry. For any dental issues that require a specialist, Dr. Tekin has solid relationships with other dental professionals in the building who will care for you with the same high standards we offer at our practice.

Our general dentistry services and treatments include

Metal-Free Fillings

Stop decay in its tracks with composite white fillings designed to halt spreading bacteria and protect your tooth surfaces.

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Think you can’t afford a smile makeover? Think again! Art of the Smile offers flexible financing to fit any budget.

Digital X-rays

No more waiting for film development. X-ray images appear instantaneously like a digital camera and radiation exposure is 40% less than traditional film X-rays.

Crowns and Bridge Work

Crowns and bridge work are performed to protect the integrity of a tooth with restoration measures, or to replace missing teeth. Crowns are placed on compromised teeth and bridges are used to fill in one or more missing teeth. Also check out our Dental Implants section for more information on replacing missing teeth.


We place dental sealants to protect vulnerable teeth, usually on the biting surfaces of back teeth, against decay-causing bacteria. These are great for children and even adults.

Dental Implants

Placing crowns on implants is routine in our office. Fill in missing smile gaps with incredibly strong and lifelike dental implants, anchored to the jawbone for stability and functionality.

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  • Dr. Tekin works with implantologists for a coordinated approach to restoring a smile.

Pediatric Dentistry

We perform preventative tooth cleaning and other basic dental care measures for children. For more in-depth treatments and advanced pediatric dentistry, we will refer you to a trusted colleague in our same building.

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Learn more about how we improve smiles daily, and ask about our flexible financing plans. Call or email Art of the Smile today for a personalized consultation with our skilled Atlanta cosmetic dentist.

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