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Our Technology

verything at Art of the Smile is computerized and efficient for your maximum benefit. We are a paperless office! There are no patient charts to lose! Our technological advancements help your visit go as smoothly as possible and also allow for the safest, most comfortable treatment.

Check out these state-of-the-art additions:

The iTero Element 2 (from Invisalign):

Dr. Tekin is proud to announce the addition of CAD/CAM technology.

Isolite ™ dryfield illuminator:
Isolite Dryfield Illuminator
Dr Tekin confirms,” This device has made me a better dentist. It’s a game changer”.

Digital Scanner: No more “goopy” impression material in your mouth! Scanning teeth to provide digital impressions is the latest technology in dentistry. Incredible accuracy combined with patient comfort is paramount at Art of the Smile!

Isolite dryfield illuminator: delivers a clear, well-lighted and open patient mouth. The combination of comfortable tongue and cheek retraction, continuous hands-free suction, and illumination helps speed procedures by 30%. What’s more, it protects the patient’s airway and delivers a better patient experience. Instead of the patient having to strain to keep their mouth open for the procedure, the incredibly soft Isolite mouthpiece holds the patient’s mouth gently open and delivers state-of-the-art isolation and humidity control which improves dental outcomes. For more information, visit

Digital X-rays – no more waiting for film development! X-ray images appear instantaneously like a digital camera. And radiation exposure is 40% less!

Professional digital camera– A picture is worth a thousand words. Close up digital photographs of your teeth serve to document and educate. All images (photographs and x-rays) can be instantly displayed for you to see on a high-definition television, and are saved in your digital chart. Dr. Tekin loves to photograph!!

“close-up of a fractured silver filling taken by Dr. Tekin”

Sterilization Center – Our office is fully OSHA compliant. We are very proud of our state-of-the-art sterilization center, but we don’t just stop there. We go the extra mile and have weekly third-party sterilization audits to make sure the sterilization procedures are at peak level for your safety. We even use a special water bottle sterilization system that is proven to eliminate bacteria problems.

Chairside Computers – You’ll have instant access to educational information about your dental health!

Entertainment Comforts – In the reception room, enjoy a 42″ high-definition plasma screen television and revel in sound from Bang & Olufsen® speakers. In the treatment rooms, watch cable TV, a DVD, or listen to music with premier headphones: Beats: by Dr. Dre while sitting in the chair.

Due for a cleaning? Contact the team at Art of the Smile get your hygiene back on track – and keep it that way!

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The “before & after” dental work

Dr. Tekin is passionate about photography. Whether taking photos of his family, or his patients, Dr. Tekin is rarely without a camera. Here are his thoughts relative to dental photography:

I use dental photography as an important communication tool in my practice. As such, presenting those images unbiased is critical. My goal in showing patients completed dental work I’ve done is to display a side-by-side, “apples-to-apples” comparison of the “before & after”. Every effort should be made to duplicate the parameters of the original photograph – how else can you evaluate the outcome?

I see other websites showing the “after” photo, and it’s far from “apples-to-apples”. Can anyone truly evaluate the dentistry done on the attractive blonde lady pictured? I don’t think so !

It is important to note that the clinical photos I take are not doctored in any way other than cropping and sizing. Applications such as Photoshop can produce almost ANY effect – using such tactics is unethical in my opinion.
-Dr. Brock Tekin

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