Dental implants have helped many people regain confidence in their smiles after missing teeth. Dental implants are placed by Oral Surgeon’s and Periodontists in the same building as Dr. Tekin who does the dental implant restoration. Once the implant is placed, Dr. Tekin puts an implant crown on the implant and when completed, the replacement looks natural and functions like your other teeth. Dental implants have helped many people, though they may not be right for everyone. Patients who have serious jawbone deficiencies, gum deficiencies, osteoporosis, or uncontrolled diabetes may not be eligible for dental implants.

If you are tired of feeling self-conscious of you smile and interested in learning if dental implants may be right for you, contact our office to schedule your consultation today. Afraid you can’t afford restoring your smile? Take a look at our flexible financing to learn what options may be available to you.