Do you want straighter teeth and a beautiful smile but are apprehensive due to the inconveniences caused by braces? This is an issue that many people deal with that can prevent them from attaining their ideal teeth. Fortunately, Invisalign can provide these patients with the care their teeth need without the hassle of braces.

Invisalign are a set of removable teeth aligners that are made from a clear material. Others will not be able to tell when you are wearing your Invisalign, so you can feel comfortable when wearing them in public. You can also remove them while you eat so you don’t have to worry about food getting stuck inside them. They are molded to fit your mouth and will feel comfortable and fit snuggly.

If you are interested in improving your smile with Invisalign, contact Art of the Smile to schedule a consultation with cosmetic and general dentist Dr. Brock Tekin. Our highly skilled staff will provide you with excellent dental care.